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Dr Sadhbh Joyce

 Senior Psychologist & Consultant 

BA-Psychology (hons)



In addition to her clinical work,  Sadhbh also specialises in Workplace Mental Health.  Since 2012, her research has focused on implementing mental health prevention programs in the workplace.  Sadhbh is an External Fellow with the Workplace Mental Health Team at The Black Dog Institute and UNSW Medicine. Under the guidance of  Professor Samuel Harvey, her PhD research involved the development and evaluation of a world-first online mindfulness-based resilience program for Australian first responders.

Sadhbh co-founded Mindarma (previously RAW Mind Coach) in 2016 with the support of UNSW Innovations to help bring this evidence-based program to various workplaces ( The program has since been adopted as a core workplace mental health initiative by numerous organisations including  New South Wales Ambulance, TAFE Queensland, Ambulance Victoria, Queensland SES,  Reuters,  Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Western Australia,  FRNSW, Queensland Rural Fire Service, NSW TAFE, UNSW- LAW, Department of Communities and Justice NSW,  WorkSafe ACT,  PacificHydro, Australian Human Rights Commission, UNICEF, NSW Health Pathology and  NSW Health.  
In 2018 the program was awarded a Mental Health Matters Award by the NSW Mental Health Commission. In 2019  the program received a "highly commended" trophy from the NSW Government at The Resilient Australia Awards for developing mindfulness-based resilience training for NSW emergency service agencies.  In 2019, Fire and Rescue NSW received the Leading Practise in Mental Health Award from AFAC for the implementation of a customised version of the program for their first responder workforce. 

In 2021, Sadhbh was awarded the Australian Psychological Society DGPP Significant Contribution Award which encourages excellence and highlights the achievements of registered psychologists.

Sadhbh's collaborative and evidence-based approach to workplace mental health has drawn a diverse range of clients. In her work, she often provides guidance and support to leaders, wellbeing managers, peer support networks and chaplains in creating meaningful and positive changes to protect the long term mental health of their colleagues, team members and friends. 
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