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Dr Sadhbh Joyce
Senior Psychologist & Consultant
BA-Psychology (hons) MClinNeuroPsy, PhD (MAPS)

Sadhbh’s work is strongly underpinned by her many years’ experience and rich body of study in the field of psychology. She attained an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology and completed a PhD in Workplace Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine UNSW and The Black Dog Institute.  

Sadhbh has spent over 18 years working in the mental health arena. She has significant experience providing evidence-based psychological therapy to those struggling with common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as those recovering from trauma, bereavement and workplace injury. Sadhbh is also a Workplace Mental Health Specialist, a qualified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Nature Therapy Practitioner.  She holds full membership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and is an External Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer with the Workplace Mental Health Team at The Black Dog Institute and UNSW Medicine. 

In 2021, Sadhbh was awarded the Australian Psychological Society DGPP Significant Contribution Award which encourages excellence and highlights the achievements of registered psychologists.

 Sadhbh's compassionate and open nature and her holistic person-focused approach to mental health has drawn a diverse range of clients. The impact of her work has afforded Sadhbh  the privilege of supporting people create meaningful changes that allows them to heal, transform and flourish in their daily lives. 

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