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Workplace Mental Health Consultancy

Workplace Mental Health Consultancy aims to support leaders and managers in creating workplaces that are psychologically safe, inclusive, compassionate and supportive. This process involves drawing on evidence-based research and placing employee wellbeing at the very heart of an organisation's workplace mental health strategy.  


Sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of your workplace.

Expert guidance is provided on:

  •  The process of reviewing, developing and implementing a Workplace Mental Health Strategy.

  • Current research and levels of evidence supporting various workplace mental health programs and interventions from prevention to return-to-work.

  • The process of auditing current workplace programs and initiatives to ensure they facilitate true change. 

  • How to effectively track and measure the impact of workplace programs and utilise this data to further develop your Workplace Mental Health Strategy. 

Suitable for:

  • Directors and Health and Safety Leaders seeking to update their broader wellbeing strategy to include workplace mental health.

  • Wellbeing managers who require expert advice on workplace mental health and how to implement evidence-based workplace mental health programs. 

  • Employers who prioritise the safety and psychological wellbeing of their workforce. 


 Key workplace mental health research papers.

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