The Healing Power of Mindfulness ~ simple serenity

April 29, 2017

A mindfulness practise of just a few minutes a day can allow you to tap into a serene space of peace and calmness within your own mind and body. A  simple way of beginning your practise involves bringing your full awareness to your breath, noticing the very predictable ebb and flow of your breathing, the flow of the breath in your body, noticing your thoughts but not getting too caught up in them.  Once you've noticed you're  "in a thought" you gentle return your focus to the rhythmic flow of your breath.  Simply noticing the body breathing itself. This is the dance of mindfulness, noticing, unhooking from thoughts and returning to your breath.  In essence this is an acute attention skill that is governed by the brain's frontal lobes.  Every time you practise, you are giving the brain a good workout! 

Counting the breath can assist with developing this practice. Inhaling for a slow count of 3, holding for 3 and exhaling slowly for  a count of 3. Repeat and allow the peace in and the tension to leave. At it's core, mindfulness is a process of stepping back from the thoughts and mental images that do not help you take valued action in life.  Valued actions always reflect what matters most to you.  The truth is we all have thoughts that are not so helpful - this is quite normal and natural and part of being human.  When you are mindful and aware of the present moment then you are  better equipped  to acknowledge what is truly helpful and choose to pay attention only to those thoughts and observations that aid you in nurturing and growing the beautiful garden that is your life's vision. 


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