5-week iRest© Yoga Nidra

                         Embodied Presence Program

                                  Nurture your authentic peaceful Self

           During this program you will:

  • Deepen your practise of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • Develop and honour your personal iRest Practise

  • Learn how to adapt aspects of the practise in daily life

  • Learn about the essential qualities that underlie your true nature

  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself 

  • Develop compassion focused meditation strategies that nourish your mind and body.

Where: Mosman Village Yoga (www.mosmanvillageyoga.com.au)  
Cost:The cost for the course is $260, with a mental health care plan from your GP, you can receive a Medicare rebate of $108.25 for the whole course. Additional information on this rebate is available at the end of this page.
Included: A series of iRest tracks and Compassion-focused meditation tracks, handouts and notes. 
Prerequisite: Attendance at previous 5/6 week iRest Foundations course.
What to wear: Comfortable loose clothing.
Register: Please contact Anne to register via stretch@mosmanvillageyoga.com.au.  Bookings are essential,  places are limited.

Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra – IRest ®

Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest is an evidence-based transformative practise that helps to bring balance and equanimity to all aspects of your being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The practise involves a gentle yet profound self-enquiry wherein you experience deep relaxation, which facilitates physical and emotional healing. During iRest you reconnect with the true peaceful nature of your being, a tranquility that is ever present beneath the surface, amidst all the various challenges and experiences of life.



iRest was developed by Clinical Psychologist Richard Miller and has been researched extensively over the past 20 years.  The practise provides you with valuable strategies that assist with releasing stress and limiting beliefs, improving sleep, enhancing resilience and wellbeing.

iRest cultivates the virtues of empathy, patience, inner peace, joy as well as the nobel practise of compassion towards the self and others.  iRest research has found it to resolve issues such as insomnia, anxiety, fear and depression. It has been shown to improve well-being amongst high-risk youth decrease symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among military personnel, decrease depression, anxiety and substance dependence, and improve sleep quality. 

Many people can find a meditation practise very challenging and overwhelming when they first start.  However, for the simple journey of iRest Yoga Nidra, all you are required to do is listen and be guided into a profound state of relaxation.  Through this humble practise,  I have been afforded the privilege of witnessing many personal transformations as clients have overcome difficulties, released limiting beliefs and fears and reconnected with a greater sense of wellbeing and purpose in their lives.  For more information, downloads, results of research papers and resources see: https://www.irest.us. 

How to access the Medicare rebate:

Claiming the Medicare rebate is your responsibility. Visit your GP, and let them know you would like a mental health care plan for group psychology sessions with Sadhbh Joyce, Registered Psychologist. Many people obtain these plans for stress management techniques and relaxation strategies. It is important for my name to be on the plan and that the document specifies group therapy.  They will determine if you are eligible for a rebate under medicare. If eligible, you need to bring this letter along to your first session in order to claim the rebate. I am required to write a brief letter to your GP explaining that you have enrolled in the course. You will then receive a receipt from me, to submit to Medicare for the rebate after each iRest session that you attend. Please note that you only receive a rebate for the sessions you actually attend, Medicare does not provide a rebate for missed sessions. Medicare then reimburses you, so that the out of pocket costs are $30.35  per session. For further information on the medicare rebate and to ensure your referral covers this program, please call Medicare. Also included in the cost of the course are worksheets and recordings of several meditations to assist with the development of your personal practise.


I look forward to sharing the beautiful practise of iRest with you.


Many blessings,