Individual iRest Program


This 4-week  iRest Yoga Nidra Program aims to further develop your personal practise and support you in utilising the different aspects of iRest in your daily life. You will already have completed at least one introductory iRest program  and are familiar with overall flow of the meditation.  

During the program you will: 

  • Further develop your daily iRest Meditation

  • Explore and gain greater understanding of your Sankalpa

  • Develop your Inner Resource of wellbeing and fortitude 

  • Explore working with opposites (iRest meditation technique)

  • Experience the iRest Dyad meditation (one-on-one) to release trapped emotions and limiting thoughts/cognitions about self. 

Program includes: 

  • Program notes

  • 4 tailored face-to-face sessions 

  • iRest Meditation tracks


What is iRest Yoga Nidra?

iRest is an evidence-based transformative practise that helps to bring balance and equanimity to all aspects of your being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The practise involves a gentle yet profound self-enquiry wherein you experience deep relaxation, which facilitates physical and emotional healing. During iRest you reconnect with the true peaceful nature of your being, a tranquility that is ever present beneath the surface, amidst all the various challenges and experiences of life. 


What are the benefits?

iRest was developed by Clinical Psychologist Richard Miller and has been researched extensively over the past 20 years. 

The practise provides you with valuable strategies that assist with releasing stress and limiting beliefs, improving sleep, enhancing resilience and wellbeing. Research has found that iRest can help to resolve issues such as insomnia, anxiety, fear, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress and depression. 

Bookings: Please call 0401297711 or email for further information. 

Medicare Rebates are available with referral from GP.